Weather and Climate

The following resources were adapted from materials produced by David Manktelow (HortResearch) and Alan Porteous (NIWA) under funding from the Sustainable Farming Fund. The resources supported the project, 'Research to Practice' working with the wine industry.

Weather monitoring

Weather monitoring equipment 470kb .pdf file Monitoring_Temperature 530kb .pdf file Monitoring_Surface wetness 400kb .pdf file Monitoring_Humidity 400kb .pdf file Monitoring_Light 230kb .pdf file Monitoring_Wind 190kb .pdf file

Weather and climate scales

Macroclimate 170kb .pdf file Microclimate 270kb .pdf file

Forecasting climate and weather

Weather_forecasts_and_microclimate 135kb .pdf file Weather_vs_climate_forecasts 330kb .pdf file Reading_a_weather_map 255kb .pdf file

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