Dairy Effluent Design Code of Practice

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The Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) Design Code of Practice and  the Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) Design Standards are an  initiative to set industry-agreed standards for the design and installation of  effluent management systems.  Developing the Code of Practice and Standards was a multi-party project funded by Dairy NZ. See more on the DairyNZ website

Our Role

We provided technical input and review, working with Aqualinc to write the code and associated Design Standards. We undertook consultation with regional councils and the stakeholder group. We introduced Technical Writer Chris Heath to the process to ensure document users could find and understand the information as easily as possible. We were pleased to join DairyNZ and AgResearch in a series of "road shows" launching the Code and Standards to industry players across New Zealand. We continue our involvement as the Code and Standards are reviewed.


The Code and Standards are part of a broader initiative to upskill the entire dairy sector in the management of farm dairy effluent. Companies designing and supplying FDE systems can apply to become Accredited Designers. We have assisted development of the accreditation protocols and have been a member of the over-seeing Governance Group since its establishment.

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