The ‘Info’ section contains fact sheets and articles covering a wide range of issues. They are grouped by topic, and we are slowly adding more to the mix. “Panui  Tips” are fact sheets developed as part of our work on the East Coast.  See Science for Communities in the Projects section. Panui Tips provide a quick reference source for local growers developing organic horticulture farmlets. Look here for information about:
  • Annual crops (kumara, taewa potatoes)
  • Perennial crops (setting up an orchard, tamarillos, passionfruit, feijoas)
  • General information (Weed identification and weed management, soils and soil health)
“Weather and Climate” includes material originally prepared by others, but with our amendments. These Weather and Climate sheets were prepared to support Weather forecasting for increased profits, a project we did in Canterbury for the Foundation for Arable Research.