Code of Practice for Irrigation Evaluation

Code of Practice

The New Zealand Code of Practice for Irrigation Evaluation sets out procedures for in-field assessment of spray irrigation performance. Evaluating against the Irrigation New Zealand Irrigation Performance Indicators, the Code describes separate methods for common irrigation system types. The basis of any evaluation is in-field measurement of system flow rates and pressures, machine speeds, energy use and many 'catch can' readings of applied depth.  It is necessary to have specific evaluation protocols, because the different system types function and are managed differently. However, the Irrigation Performance Indicators are common to all systems, so results from evaluations are easily compared. A separate protocol describes processes for determining seasonal irrigation efficiency. Calculation inputs include seasonal weather records, crop type, soil water properties and irrigation uniformity. 

IRRIG8 Support Software

Analysing data collected from field testing involves many repetitive and detailed calculations. To assist evaluators, and to provide a level of consistency, a software application called IRRIG8 was developed. The application calculates the irrigation performance indicators, generates graphical outputs and draft reports in word processable format.

Development Funding

The Code of Practice for Irrigation Evaluation was prepared by Page Bloomer Associates for Irrigation New Zealand. The IRRIG8 Evaluation software program was developed by Page Bloomer Associates and Pink House Software. Funding was provided by the Sustainable Farming Fund, Foundation for Arable Research, Hawke's Bay Regional Council, Pipfruit New Zealand and Environment Canterbury.


Download the entire document

Code of Practice for Irrigation Evaluation V1.2 2010.pdf

Download parts of the document

COP 1 Introduction.pdf COP 2 Conducting Irrigation Evaluations.pdf COP 3 Seasonal Irrigation Efficiency.pdf COP 4-0 Field Evaluation of System Performance.pdf COP 4-1 Drip Micro.pdf COP 4-2 Solid Set.pdf COP 4-3 Sprayline.pdf COP 4-4 Multiple Sprayline.pdf COP 4-5 Traveller.pdf COP 4-6 Linear Move.pdf COP 4-7 Centre Pivot.pdf COP 5-0 Appendices.pdf COP 5-1 Glossary.pdf COP 5-2 Calculations.pdf COP 5-3 Equipment Specifications.pdf COP 5-4 Reporting Format.pdf COP 5-5 References.pdf

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