Irrigation Calibration

Having worked in irrigation for many years, we know that system performance is highly variable. There are many causes, ranging from design flaws, through installation, component failure and maintenance. Irrigators need to know how much water their systems are applying and how efficient the system is. We believe irrigators should calibrate their systems atĀ least annually, and that is the purpose of ourĀ IRRIG8Quick guidelines and worksheets. A calibration will tell you if the system is performing adequately. If you discover the system is not performing to expectation, you may want a more detailed investigation. We developed New Zealand's Code of Practice for Irrigation Evaluation, now the Irrigation New Zealand Piped Irrigation System Performance Assessment Code of Practice. The comprehensive system checks are conducted by trained technicians using custom software.

Do your own system checks

IRRIG8 Quick is the name we use for a series of do-it-yourself, in-field irrigation system checks. They should only take a couple of hours to complete and the knowledge gained is enormously useful. Down load guidelines and worksheets from this page. See IRRIG8Lite for an electronic calculator. Contact us if you would like a technician to conduct a full system evaluation to determine the cause of non-performance. We know people across New Zealand who can help.

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