Page Bloomer Associates undertake and manage a wide range of projects for primary sectors. A common theme is "doing things better", seeking to identify and support adoption of best on farm practice. Our technical competence areas include:
  • irrigation and effluent management, efficiency, and system evaluation
  • OptiSurface drainage design
  • soil management - monitoring, quality, health and wind erosion
  • precision agriculture
  • zone tillage, strip tillage and minimum tillage
However our real strengths lie in integrating these and other disciplines and relating them sensibly to real world issues for real world people. We have a solid understanding of technology adoption in agriculture. Our interest is seeking solutions that enhance economic and environmental sustainability. We provide technical input in our specialist areas, teaming with other science and engineering providers as required. Follow the links for summaries of example projects, and feel free to ask for more detail as required. Example projects

Irrigation Managers and Operators

An initiative of Irrigation New Zealand, Irrigation Managers and Operators is part of a wider programme to develop training resources and opportunities to upskill industry.  Dan Bloomer was lead author of the Irrigation Management series of booklets published in 2013.  We continue our involvement, developing more resources and facilitating workshops, seminars and other events. More here>

Versatile Soils, Productive Land

A small project discussing the relationships between soils and their properties, and the needs of a production system with particular relavance to the Heretaunga Plains, fruit-bowl, vegetable plate and wine glass of Hawke's Bay. More here>

Quantifying Surface Ponding Losses

Used sophisticated tools including surface hydrodynamic flood modelling, EM38 soil scanning with RTK-GPS and GIS, and multiplexed TDR arrays to assess irrigation water losses that result when application intensity exceeds soil infiltration capacity.  More here>

Advanced Farming Systems

LandWISE supported and followed the development and adoption of a range of precision farming and controlled traffic technologies. Twelve focus farms across New Zealand, each a champion of an aspect of advanced farming systems, provided the base for the project and the question, "How can we use these new technologies and practices to farm better?" See LandWISE: Click here>

Controlling the Strip

Development of strip tillage for field crops and introduction of controlled traffic or tramline farming through our involvement with LandWISE: Click here>

Science for Community Change

Designing organic horticultural systems with local communities in the East Coast. We put together a lot of fact sheets covering topics from soils to tamarillos, all avaiable for downloading. We set up a website for this, but the resources are now here in our Tips section under Panui Tips