Panui Tips

“Panui  Tips” are fact sheets developed as part of our work on the East Coast.  See Science for Communities in the Projects section. Panui Tips provide a quick reference source for local growers developing organic horticulture farmlets.

Technical Tips Topics


Growth and development .pdf version 225 KB



Weed Introduction .pdf 140kB

Weed Identification.pdf  610 kB

Weed Control.pdf 345 kB

Broadleaf_ID_Chart .pdf 273 kB

Grass_ID_Key .pdf 138 kB 



Soil Introduction.pdf 115 KB

Soil Formation .pdf 190 KB

Describing Soil .pdf 175 KB

Soil Nutrition .pdf 110 KB





Calendar for Organic Kumara Production

Kumara Calendar A4.pdf 374 KB

Kumara calendar A2.pdf 1.92 MB


Kumara_History.pdf 124 KB


Kumara_Yield_Estimation.pdf 125 KB


Kumara_Traditional_Curing_and_Storage.pdf 600 KB

Kumara_Recent_Curing_and_Storage_History .pdf 170 KB

Kumara_Current_Curing_and_Storage .pdf 165 KB



Taewa (Maori Potato)

Calendar for Organic Taewa Production

Taewa calendar 2009 A4.pdf version 782 KB

Taewa calendar 2009 A2.pdf version 2.6 MB




Tamarillo_Intro.pdf 125 KB

Tamarillo Establishment.pdf 196 KB

Tamarillo Management.pdf 320 KB

Tamarillo Harvest.pdf 135 KB



Passionfruit Intro.pdf 145 KB

Passionfruit Establishment.pdf 205 KB

Passionfruit Management.pdf 340 KB

Passionfruit Harvest.pdf version 160 KB



Feijoa Intro .pdf 190 KB

Establishing Feijoas.pdf 320 KB

Feijoa management.pdf 255 KB

Feijoa Harvest .pdf 145 KB


Site development

Setting up an Orchard.pdf (151 KB)



These tips are made available free of charge and contain the best information we could find at the time. You must make sure the information makes sense for your area, soils and climate. (We can't and don't take any responsibility for what happens at your place!)

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