About IRRIG8Lite

The setup file “Setup IRRIG8Lite” [Build 1.3.24 updated 24 Feb 2014] is available here: Download IRRIG8Lite.setup The purpose of IRRIG8Lite is to provide rapid assessment of irrigation performance at an acceptable cost. A number of test types are available. All IRRIG8Lite Tests are designed so irrigation managers can gather field information and generate performance reports themselves. If findings are unexpected, or suggest low performance, they should get professional advice. Two tests, the energy efficiency of the motor and pump combination feeding the irrigation system, focus on the energy consumed for the work done and will identify if there is a significant lack of pump efficiency or excessive friction in headworks or the mainline. The remaining tests are irrigation system calibrations that focus on the water applied by the irrigation system, and particularly on the depth and uniformity of application.

Update IRRIG8Lite

The most recent version of IRRIG8Lite is always posted at the top of this page. Last update 1.3. 24 released 24 February 2014 The most recent build removed an incompatibility problem with Adobe Flashplayer 12 which stopped the line graphs from rendering.


The IRRIG8Lite Tests are based on protocols developed by Page Bloomer Associates. Programming of this package is by ASL Software and Page Bloomer Associates with funding from Irrigation New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries Sustainable Farming Fund. The IRRIG8Lite Energy Test protocols were supported by funding from EECA, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Field Sheets

A set of worksheets has been produced to help record data in the field. They are MS Word documents, laid out to match the IRRIG8Lite Tabs. Download the worksheets here>

Paper alternatives

Paper-based versions of the test processes are available. IRRIG8Quick contains the tests and the necessary calculation is you want to do a manual process.

Using IRRIG8Lite

What needs to be done?

1.Set up a new file or Test in IRRIG8Lite 2.Gather information about the system including in-field measurements 3.Enter the data in the IRRIG8Lite tabs 4.Review results and printable reports

When should testing be done?

Complete the efficiency test when commissioning a new system and after any major changes to the pump or irrigation system. Testing should be repeated as part of system checks at the start of every season. Compare with past results to identify slippage or failures.

What are the IRRIG8Lite Tests’ limitations?

The IRRIG8Lite Tests will only provide information for the conditions measured, running at a given flow and pressure with a given depth to water. The energy use and efficiency will change if system pressure or flow changes or if the water table moves up or down. So too may applied depth and uniformity. Get professional help if your results show low efficiency.

Setting up IRRIG8Lite

Download the setup file

The setup file “Setup IRRIG8Lite” [Build 1.3 updated 27 Jan 2014] is available here: Download IRRIG8Lite.setup Save it to a directory of your choice, maybe “Downloads” or “Desktop”

Run the setup file

The application uses Windows Installer to set up your new application. Double click the setup file to make it run. Accept the Licence Agreement Terms and Conditions.


The setup file will, by default, load the IRRIG8Lite application into your Windows Program Files directory. You can choose a different location to set up the application. Data files will, by default, be located in your “My Documents” directory. Later, you can choose any location in which to save your own data files. Decide if you want a desktop icon to be created for you. Click “Install”. Click “Finish” to exit Set Up.

Run IRRIG8Lite

Run IRRIG8Lite from the Windows Start menu or by clicking the shortcut Icon Help files within IRRIG8Lite will guide you once the application is running


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