Stay up to date with RSS Feeds

You’ll see that our website offers “Feeds”. A wee search engine checks our site each day for new material and lets you know if it finds any. The steps below show you how to have Page Bloomer Feeds set as a favourite on your web browser.

Subscribe via RSS

RSS feeds set a favourites link in your web browser. The RSS feed collects our updates for you. When you look at your feeds, it contains items put on our website. You get the information, but you have to remember to look regularly yourself.

How do you subscribe to RSS feeds?

1. Look for this icon  RSSFeeds It tells you the website offers feeds. On the PageBloomer site, you’ll find it on the right, just below the Search the Site box 2. Click on Subscribe via RSS PBSubscribeviaRSS  • A special PageBloomer page will come up showing all the latest content. At the top of the page is a box in which you’ll find a link to set up the subscription. PBSubscribetoFeeds 3. Click on Subscribe to this feed • A pop-up Subscribe to this feed asks if you want to subscribe to LandWISE PBSubscribetoThisfeed   4. Click Subscribe and a Feed called PageBloomer will be added to your favorites 5. Check your favorite feed regularly for Page Bloomer Associates updates or to quickly search our postings. You can search here by categories too.

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